Public Safety

Zach’s top priority is public safety.

We need a collaborative, community wide approach to advancing public safety. Community partners across the spectrum, from mental health professionals to law enforcement and the justice system need to connect over a county-wide plan to focus resources on addressing, combating and prosecuting violent crimes.

I support bringing community partners together to craft a county wide approach to sharing information and ideas related to addressing public safety concerns. The goal will include having the community meet regularly to have an open exchange of ideas over the best use of community resources and paths towards achieving our shared goal of safe streets.


Our public services should be fully equipped to handle anything that comes their way. As a community we owe them the resources, communication, technology, and training to achieve that. As a result of increasing communication between departments and agencies, your concerns and cases will be handled in a fair and timely manner. Equally important is the need to upgrade the State’s Attorney’s Office so that we can operate efficiently in the modern world.

Children, Families and Victims

Zach has a long track record of representing children and families in the justice and foster care system. He has spent his career advocating for the rights of children in court to be safe and cared for. Zach has represented numerous parents and fought successfully to keep families together. He also has a history of representing victims of crimes, giving them strong support throughout the process and in securing court orders and protections to keep them safe.

As State’s Attorney, Zach’s focus will be on prioritizing the voices and needs of the children, families and victims in our community throughout the justice process. Any court resolution needs to account for the needs and concerns of the children and victims involved in the court process. Working with the Department for Children and Families on strengthening family reunification efforts where appropriate, the overriding focus will be the safety and wellbeing of children.

Advocate for the Community

As State’s Attorney, Zach plans to advocate to increase resources, money and partnerships for the Franklin County community at the State legislature. Part of the difficulty in addressing public safety concerns is related to the lack of resources Franklin County has. It is time for the community to have an advocate that stresses the need and importance of additional resources for our community. For too long, the State legislature has been sending money to Burlington and Montpelier, while the need continues to grow in St. Albans, Swanton, Richford, Highgate and all across Franklin County.

Zach will advocate for: